June 11th, 2007


Gender and Fan Studies Discussion

This community is set up as a mirror to the discussion on gender and fan studies going on at Henry Jenkins's blog. Every week, a new conversation between two acafan scholars will be posted, often revolving around a specific focus. We want as many voices as possible to participate in these conversations, and we'd also like the expanding conversation to bridge the blogosphere, so we've decided to set up this space on livejournal. We'll be posting the conversations here as well as at Henry's blog; feel free to comment in either or both spaces.

For commenters who do not have a LiveJournal account, there are three options:

(1) You can sign up for a free account HERE. The FAQ; should answer additional questions. [Alternatively, HERE's a step-by-step introduction to LiveJournal.]

(2) You can post anonymously. Anonymous posting will clearly not be disabled in this discussion journal. Please sign your name, however, so that multiple anonymous users may not get mistaken for one another.

(3) You can use Open ID. In fact, you might already have an OpenID account. If you use TypePad or Moveable Type, your open ID is profile.typekey.com/username; if you use AOL or AIM, your OpenID is openid.aol.com/screenname; if you use blogging software such as GreatestJournal etc., your OpenID is username.greatestjournal.com. (Likewise, Wordpress.com accounts would be username.wordpress.com)

To post a comment using OpenID, select the OpenID option above the comment field and type in your OpenID URL.